How to decorate a beach themed house! Part 1

Everybody loves beaches especially when it comes to the hot summer season, we go on vacations and always have lots of fun.

When we get home we always want to remember those beautiful experiences and that beautiful view, so what’s better than making your house a beach themed one, it will bring something new, interesting, and a hint of happiness and joyfulness Because what you’ll be decorating will have a part of you in it.
When talk about the beach the first thing you remember is the blue sea and the yellow sand so the basic color of your decorations should be Dark blue, turquoise, color of sand and white splashes, by adding these colors to the walls and the furniture, its classic and it can be easily combined.

For example you can “dye” your bedroom in dark blue and white colors it will give a relaxing feeling, in your living room try putting white and yellow color of sand such as white furniture and yellow carpets, dress up your window(s) with curtains or blinds!

Try putting some little objects here and there such as the Cape Cod Style Hand Painted Stool.

This hand painted Cape Cod stool would look darling in a Cape Cod or coastal themed kitchen, bathroom or children’s bedroom, a Starfish Side Table or just a Rustic Beach House Clock..Don’t forget to add some seashells to the chimney too ! 🙂

Every part of your house has space for changes but lets talk about one of the mos important rooms in your house, your children’s rooms.

We all love our children they are the most important part of our life and when it comes to their room modeling we always must abide to some of their desires but which children don’t like the beach, so their room is the place where you mus put all your creativity on, you can pain the room in a light blue color or put a fish wallpaper.
A marine bed would be super cool and some blue blankets with some fish in them or surfer figures depends on their desires, put some big seashells on their desks and try hanging a picture in the wall a beach view it would be good.
You can also choose water cartoon characters, a ship in the water, different water creatures such as Christmas Tree Worms, Pine cone fishes, some bio luminescent plankton’s near the shore or just some dolphins jumping from the sea.
Don’t forget cartoon characters that kids like too much like spongebob squarepants or patric and if it is a girl a siren like Ariel would do just fine.

As for the outside view try Custom Hand Painted Beach Scene Mailbox..This beautifully hand painted mailbox would look gorgeous perched in the sand in front of a beach house or summer cottage, a Personalized Family Name Beach House Sign it will add a welcoming touch to the front entrance or porch of a beach house with a personalized family sign.

Try hanging Tons of Hooks ready to collect beach hats and accessories.
A beach themed house isn’t only formed from furniture and wall color, even the smallest details make the difference so try to put as many sea meaning decorations like seashells or blue colored mason jars.