How to decorate a beach themed house! Part 2

On our first post we talked about a decoration of your whole house, meaning a whole change of it starting from the room colors, furniture or some objects that make you think of the beach, now we’ll be talking about using some handmade little objects that give the feeling of sea, you can actually try to make these things yourself because making something need imagination so why not using your own imagination instead of the others, its really fun and helps a lot of people with their daily routine removing some stress.
What you’ll be reading down below is about making some Home Decor Crafts with a little amount of money (or not at all) that will give your house a beachy vibe, such as knotted rope coasters, how too use lots of seashells, “coral” with wire and a hot glue gun, and in the end of this post you’ll find a decorating surprise!!:)

Make the best use of your seashells in your home
When we go to the beach we always collect some seashells and bring them home, now its time to take them out from the drawer and make some use of them.

You can try to make a seashore wind chime, all you need to use is driftwood and seashells.

And of course some buttons and sparkly bead.

It will add some positivity around your house.

Big seashells make great candle holders, because of the different colors of the seashells they will “blend” with their furniture and you can also use them in your bathrooms or in romantic dinners.

You can actually put seashells everywhere you can glue some in the chimney, or in the mailbox.

Beach mason xhars
Creating these mason xhars will all depend on your tendencies and what you want to put in them, but we’re going to represent some of the most used types.

The first one is for the people who want to remember forever those happy moments on the beach, and for that we can make a Beach Memory Jar.

What we need to make it is a mason xhar, some sand, seashells, and a picture of your happy moments, be that a kid running in the sand or a family photo.

Put the sand on the jar then put the seashells and the picture on it and wala its done or, you can try to make a shell souvenir jar by filling the jar with seashells and glue some paper on it telling the place where you collected these seashells.

If you want to make a simple decorating jar you can always choose the ombre blue jar.

Just paint it on the inside with different blue colors then put whatever you want in it.

Sea inspired table decoration
Last but not the least.

This is our surprise for you all a beach decoration of your dinner table the best choice when you are thinking about a party.

When making a beach setting table there will always be lots of seashells, nautical prints, anchors, sand and ropes if you like candles, take a mason jar, fill it with sand and decorate it with rope.

It’s a wonderful candle holder that will remind you of an romantic night on the sea.

You can decorate the chairs with blue fabric, also tie them up with some seashells to make it more interesting.

A lot of people choose starfish shaped plates, decorate the knife and fork with shells, or decorate the table with a fishing net.

If you don’t like the fishing net try to glue some seashells on the side of the table to make it more interesting.