How to decorate a pool for a Halloween party

Everybody loves Halloween, kids running on every house for some sweets, high schoolers going to parties in scary clothing, parents decorating their houses, preparing food to make this day a day to remember.

But what about making something different this year, a Halloween pool party!I It will be something different from your every year Halloween party.

Everyone will have lots of fun and something worth to remember, a happy time with your family, friends neighbors and why not a “scary” memory from a dark pool party with thrilling decorations.

A lot of people like that especially Halloween addicts who find it really interesting.Down below you’ll find some tips for making a “scary” pool party.

A party invitation

First things first, what all people forget is making special invitations, the color of the letter is based in your taste but i would recommend you dark colors, adding spookies makes it more interesting and don’t forget to add creepy topics in your invitation like come and enjoy the taste of fresh blood while keeping company to the ghosts, and details from the party to make it more interesting.

Pool decoration

The most important part of this post:the pool decorations.

Actually there are lots of ways to decorate your pool, but we are gonna describe the most spectacular ones:

  • Dying the pool in a red color and putting a chopped dead body in it, close to the pool put a masked man holding a knife with blood dripping from it. Don’t forget to add some candles or LED pool lights, I would also suggest using artificial mist in order to make the area as creepy as you can.
  • You can add some bubbles and lights to your pool and also put a skeleton in a coffin floating in the water, or put the skeleton on the side of the pool and put some drinks or snacks in the coffin, add some glowing hands too.Hand-shaped glow sticks will add luminously eerie feel to your swimming pool decor.
  • Making your pool “misty” and hanging zombies and mummies in spider webs to scare your guests, or if you like green you can dye the pool in green and add a zombie coming out of your swimming pool, hang some ghost images in the ceiling too.
  • If this is a pool party with little kids try reducing the decorations and not make it too scary because in the end the decor will be broken and some kids might get scared but what you definitely must do is the water coloring preferably a light red buts its your own choice as for decor just put some spookies here and there and some spider webs and all done.

Drinks foods and games

A party is not called a party if you don’t have some food, drinks and different activities to pass by the night.

Such as:Day of the Dead biscuits, Maggoty apples, Frozen banana ghosts, Frankenstein cupcakes, Witch’s Brew Cocktail, Dracula’s Blood, Dragon’s Blood Punch, Rotting Pumpkin Martini, murder mystery game, horror movie trivia, Halloween Battle of the Balloons etc.