How to decorate your swimming pool

When it comes to hot summer days nothing beats a swimming pool in your backyard.

It’s refreshing, relaxing and why not, having a pool party with your friends while you enjoy the afternoon sun rays and drinking refreshing cocktails.

Having a pool this days is like a necessity, everyone wants it.

Although having a pool to some people is like a luxury because of the high costs it is totally worth the expenses.

A nice landscape and a set of carefully selected waterproof patio will do the job, as for the decorating part, it will all be up to you.

With a little effort and a lot of creativity you can create a relaxing view of your pool or turn it into a playground where you can have fun with your family and friend all day long.

The decor of the pools will all depend on the function it will take:a family pool, pool for kids, pool for chill and of course a party pool.

Here you will find some easy to follow tips to decorate an swimming pool and patio with little expenses.

A swimming pool for children.
The first thing you should think when making a swimming pool for children is the patio.

I suggest a non slippery patio in bright colors.

If you have a lot of space try to make the surroundings as greenery as possible, they will like it.

Put a tent so that the kids can stay in the shadows when it gets too hot.

Choose as many entertaining toys for the kids such as mini beach balls, “special” pool floats, volleyball game, some artificial swimming fishes, and of course a spongebob squarepants pool float filled with snacks and drinks just like in the picture.

Don’t let the space around the pool go to waste try turning it too in a playground too with toys like water guns, water park slides or games like Thunder-shot Water Polo Pool Game.

Chill time swimming pool
The most important detail you should pay attention to is the coloring of the poolside area.

You should always choose calming colors that don’t differ with each other and create a peaceful ambient.

Choose a brownish yellow color for the surroundings and a lightly brown patio.

Build up an oval shaped pool and surround it with as much greens as you can.

Put up a couch in the side of the pool and try setting a projector so that you can have your own pool movie night.

Accompany it with some refreshing cocktails and summer fruits.

Hawaii style family pool
This is the most special family pool you cant find.

It’s relaxing, with a special view , fun and cool space for the children and the mos important of all is that this pool has enough space for the whole family and some guests.

Although it’s a bit costly but it is worth the price because pools are a one time investment.

The most important thing I want to comment about is that amazingly beautiful patio, it’s the best choice one could ever make.

A dark brown wooden patio can go with anything and every age likes it.

The white chairs and the planted palms are another great choice that breaks the brown color of the patio and gives it a different vibe making it more elegant and a sight to see.