The most famous and expensive pools

Everyone likes pools starting from children to elderly.
A pool is the most populated place during the summer and adds quite a view to your house.
We all would like a beautifully decorated pool on our backyard.

But everything depends on our budget because even though we want a pool like the ones on luxurious hotels or villas we cant afford it let alone those worldly breathtaking pools around the world that cost hundreds of times more than your own property let alone your backyard pool.
Even though we can’t buy them i doesn’t mean that we don’t want to know about them.

This is precisely what this post will be talking about.Some of the most breathtaking and expensive pools around the world some of which can also be visited as a tourist so if you like one of the pools pack your clothes and o there for a vacation.
So what decides the prices of the said pools?

Well there are lots of ways with which you can measure a pools(property) worth,starting from geographic position, country, climax, size, technology, materials used(the marble, mosaic and the tiles worth), view, artistic and historic value.

City of Stars Sharm el Sheikh

City of Stars Sharm el Sheikh with a worth of $5.5 Billion one of the most majestic pools that you can find.It is located in Egypt with an amazing area of 8.5 hectares.You can call this place the land of the rich and uncountable expenses but nothing surpasses the amazing view of this gigantic pool.Here you can do everything even have a boat ride.

San Alfonso del Mar Resort
San Alfonso del Mar is a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile the world’s second largest swimming pool after Sharm el Sheikh.Covering 8 hectares this pool was builded along the seashore has a mindblowing sunset view and specialized areas for all ages and lots of fun to have activities.The good thing about this place is that you can visit it wherever you want.

Kichukov Family Pool
Yeah you read that right a family pool,i mean who the hell would build a family pool with a worth of $1 Million,anyway this pace is in USA Arizona.As you can see from the picture even though this pool isn’t of a large size the artistic and material value of it is astronomical,marble structures and sculptures are around the pool which gives it quite a sight.

The Ocean Dome
The Ocean Dome with a worth of $2 Billion.It is the largest indoor pool in the world and can be found in japan.The structure of the dome itself gives you the feeling of a beach in sunny days along with the retractable roof which keep the temperature constant makes it quite a place for a visit.A specialty of this place is the man made volcano that erupts twice or thrice a day.

Mardan Palace Pool
Mardan Palace Pool is a luxury hotel in Lara, Antalya. Originally designed by Leonardo Da Vinci along with the bridge that passes over it. This 5 star luxury hotel has every kind of pools that you and your family would ask for.