This is how you can build your own pool

Having the perfect house also means having a swimming pool as it is one of the most wanted assets in a house.

A pool is where we pass most of the summer time, where we have our little family meetings or a little cocktail party.

But not everything comes for free especially when we are talking about pools which have an high building cost.

Even if you have enough money you must think twice before building one because sometimes for not thinking before acting can make the pool rarely usable or not at all.

So if we want to build a pool we must think of these topics first:

Why am I building a swimming pool, what kind of activities am i gonna do in the swimming pool, which people are going to use it, how will i decorate the surrounding landscape, how much am i gonna use it, how big is the pool i want, what kind of pool do I want, how much is this all going to cost me.
The best suggestion I have for you is to put everything on paper first so that you won’t have problems later, asking the opinion of a specialist will help even more.
An average pool can cost from 6’000$-20’000$ all that depending on the equipment you choose, the patio, the tiles decor etc.

If you make an above ground pool the costs will be minimal but if you choose an in ground pool the costs will instantly skyrocket.
The most important thing about an in ground pool is the location where you want to build the pool the shape of it the area it takes and the deepness of the pool because that will affect deeply in your budget.

Also pay attention to the position of the pool in a relationship with the sun because if you build a pool somewhere where the sun rays can’t reach the the pool water will remain con resulting in less pool time fun.
When decorating the pool, choosing the patio, the surrounding objects keep in mind that everything must be in harmony, meaning that you shouldn’t choose a patio that doesn’t suit with the house or decorations that don’t suit with the patio.

Down below you will see simple examples of swimming pools that everyone can make with a normal budget.

Nature life
As you can see on the picture the pool is quite normal but what makes it special is the choosing of bright colors between yellow and brown especially for the patio and the plants here and there that with their greenery give the poolside a different vibe.

Thus making it a place where you can relax after some long job hours.

Dull gray chill
Just like the other pool this is also a chilling one.

The reason i chose two two pools that were build for the same reason is so that i can show you that a well chosen patio and some simple decor is what makes the difference.

As you can see in the picture we have a square pool with a dull gray patio along with the small bushes and the furniture makes this poolside area a perfect place to spend the day without getting bored.